16 paintings in oil and acryl with sandstructure - Ancient World - static and dynamic in one scene - Welcome - Welkom - Bem Vindo - for a guidingtour call the painter himself  966043756


exhibition of collages and paintings 

                café inglês silves 

Still the fifth time I exhibit in this Music Café ... an idyllic place where Art and Music are combinated All the Year ... Live Music on Friday, Saturday en Sunday Afternoon. My collages and paintings are inspired on music of my vinylheroes since the end of the Sixties ... Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll. The covers of the records are sometimes photos  enlarged and painted ... 'Out of the Border' , because the music  is an inspiration without ending ... the technic is as usual, in oil, sometimes acrylic wit sandstructure and new are the pieces of glass ... The prices are special > a discount of  30 % if you call or mail me directly ... Uncercertain how long this work stays in this exhibition ... Attached some of the works ... I hope to meet you there ... make an appointment before ... 966043756

               welcome to this website

   ...where you can find all my paintings and drawings, meanwhile created in my 

       studio Monte das Moradias in the South of Portugal, but also earlier work ...

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         The Namib - oil with sandstructure on canvas - triptych - 200 x 100 cm 

Quarantaine - traditional triptych - oil and collage on canvas and board - 200 x 100 cm
Quarantaine - traditional triptych - oil and collage on canvas and board - 200 x 100 cm

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                                  PARIS 2024

                            Breakdance an Olymplic discipline

                       oil on canvas and board - 200 x 100 cm

Namib Desert and drawings of Lions and Giraffes and the Backside
Triptych - oil with sand on canvas - 200 x 100 cm - Backside - Drawings by the grandchildren Sam and Emma - 100 x 100 cm - oil on board.
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                                                    Just arrived ... 24 - 2 2021 

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          Why are the pigeons so Nervous ? The Hawk alights on Pompeii !

     Opening / Inauguração - 2 september  -  ArtmoSphere ... see Exhibitions Actual