One Time a Year I get hypnoticed during a period of intensely drawing, drawing with pen and ink; drawing with the concentration like skating on ice or fishing, the focus fixed  on the fload.


Completing my series of paintings for the exhibition ‘Temporada’ last year november I made a serie of ten drawings with pen and ink. It took about three weeks, four or five hours a day. The concentration and the rhythm of the pen, the rhythm of doping the pen, the scratching on the paper and the eye focused on one spot and after a while the alternation to the composition. 

Years before I felt a certain resistance in drawing with ink, because I used the wrong pen in the wrong holders. The penholderset I bought for about € 50 only delivered frustration because of the

irregular lines and unravelled results. The problem was to keep the inkchannel in optimal condition …


An alternative was the fineliner who promised in first instance a perfect line and contrast, but it did not deliver the direct control of eye-hand on the result.


The last time I made an etch was on the Academy. The direct result of the needle on the copperplate is a sensational one which culminates in the highest level of concentration. I still try to imagine how the masters in etching, Rembrandt van Rijn or Hans Holbein kept their senses together to go for such a fantastic achievement.

Nowadays  I nearly reach the same feeling of satisfaction during the proces of pendrawing as in that period of discovering several technics accompanied with that inexaustable motivation and inner urge

of making something very special.

Here they are … the tools of reliability for optimal result …

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