We organise the workshops for groups six times a year.


Monte das Moradias has an accomodation for a maximum of 7 persons. The minimum of a groupworkshop is 3 persons. In the program themes are introduced, based on the experiences the nature shows in our region. The workshopperiod goes from monday till friday, six days of great adventure in discovering all sorts of aspects from impression to expression. All sorts of material are offered, depending of the experience and personal preference. The workshop starts with white paper or canvas and your personal experience in drawing and painting. The start means ... first meeting with material and enviremont. The follow-up is always a challenge, strictly depending of anyones individual tempo, fantasy and specified wishes and goals.

In time and using material there is no limit, everything is adjust on each personal question ...

My role as instructor is based on a long range of experiences of  `What is the right instruction on the right moment`and ´How can I generate enthousiasm and motivation´... creating art is a mysterious process where every individual character is surprising and wondering him/herself  and others.







The Landscape of the Alentejo



Landscape Expression



Living colours



From sketching to painting



How to work in perspective



The working of light