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Six years ago I started to make sculptures from papier-mache and I was looking for material who can make it water resistent

I found Paverpol form polymer ... It is an environmentally - friendly, water-based liquid.

It is completely harmless for humens, animals, and the environment.

Paverpol form polymer has received the Amercan AP safety -standard mark

This means the material is also safe for children.

The Paverpol form polymer can be used to harden all kinds of materials, such as:

textile, papier-mache, chamois leather,  glass-fibre mats, self-hardening types of clay (not synthetic) and all kinds of natural materials.

It can be bond to wood, ceramics , plaster , concrete , stone and Styropor


The texile must be soaked in Paverpol form polymer to ensure that the materials hardens properly.

The materials dries quickly in air.

The higher the temperature, the faster it dries.

It can take one to two weeks for the material to fully harden.

Paverpol form polymer can be mixed with: papier-mache , sawdust , plaster , cement and fine sand. 


Rian with her sculptures
Rian with her sculptures